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1) No Advertising Or You'll Get Blocked.
2) No Stealing Another's Work From A Gallery. If Caught, You Get Blocked.
3) No R-Rated Or Inappropriate Photos.
4) No Displaying Excessive Gore Or Sexual Content Or You'll Get Blocked.
5) No Spamming Notes, Messages, Or Comments.
6) No Pretending To Block People.
7) No Ignoring Your Own Rules.
8) No Spoilers.
9) No Blocking People For No Reason.
10) No Name Calling.
11) No Multiples Of The Same Photo You Just Posted.
12) No Saying Random Words Multiple Times. This Includes Saying Just The Word "Biscuit" Multiple Times.
13) Words Must Include "A," "An," And "The."
14) If The Comment Is Non-English, You Must Translate It.
15) No Trashing This Site With F's.
16) No Yelling At People.
17) No Calling People A Popsicle, Head, Or An Egg.
18) No Tantrums Allowed.
19) No Inappropriate Or R-Rated Stickers.
20) No Hiding Comments For No Reason.
21) Always Use Your Thoughts To Help You Know What To Do.
22) Never Ignore Warnings From An Admin, User, Co-Founder, Guest, Member, Or A Founder In Groups.
23) No Bullying.
24) No Being Rude To Others.
25) Make Sure You Don't Call People A Tree, Rage Face, Troll, Trash Bag, Trash Can, Or Trash.
26) No Spamming The Banana Emote.
27) Never Call People A Zero Because That's Not Nice.
28) No Copying The Cartoons You've Watched.
29) No Drawing Picture Of People Being Mean.
30) No Gibberish.
31) No Telling People You're Too Young When You Are.
32) Say You're Sorry When You Did Something Wrong.
33) No Spamming Links To Inappropriate Sites.
34) No Blank Messages, Blank Notes, Blank Photos, Or Blank Comments.
35) No Beginning Comments, Notes, Journal Entries, Or Descriptions With Words Like "And," "Because," "Or," Or "Again."
36) If You're Under The Age Of 13, You Can't Be On Deviant Art, Then It's A Good Way To Be In A Result Of Your Account Being Limited.
37) No Drawing Pictures In The Comments When It's Just Words That Are Drawing A Picture.
38) No Personal Information.
39) No Saying The Same Thing Over And Over Again.
40) Don't Yell At Anybody.
Remember, If I Did Not Participate, I Didn't Mean To.
I'm Still Trying My Best To Be Good, Participate, And Be A Good Platypus.
Remember, I Can Tell What You're Doing Here.